Doccure Laboratory Information Management System (LMS) is software that is designed to manage samples and keep track of various data related to samples, lab experiments, lab workflows and instruments thereby improving the efficiency and productivity of the lab. Initially LMS was used only to manage samples but now with the help of this Doccure LMS application you can directly enrol your sample along with the data of the sample, allot the location of the sample, assigns and schedules the sample into laboratory workflow, assign the agents for the purpose of collection and for the complete automation in laboratory you can integrate the laboratory instruments. LMS also possess additional features like auditing, customer relationship management, assurance to quality, and instrument standardization. As a result, LMS has brought the effective changes in many large governments as well as private laboratories by improving the efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and cost

LMS app is used for managing the lab’s order and sample information in an easy method.


The entire workflow from receiving the order request to the dispatch of results is handled effectively.

The result approval process ensures that the results are shared with the patients after getting the approval for the results obtained.

The number of tests that can be created is unlimited. Complete ownership is granted to the tests taken as well as to the patient profiles.


  • LMS software provides only the custom reports required by the user neglecting the unnecessary details.
  • Patient based reports: This report generates the steps performed on the sample that is collected from the patient at the laboratory.
  • Laboratory reports: These reports are generated at the end of the day. It is done on daily basis. This report gives the complete information about the number of collected samples and functioning process that is done throughout the day.
  • Business purpose reports: This report generates the turnaround timing of the samples and the lab business. This helps to improve the business decision in the laboratory.
  • Reports based on gender: based on the patient information, the report is generated
  • Customized templates for doctors: each doctor is provided with customized templates with which the reports can be generated automatically there by saving manual work as well as time.
  • Adding formulas: formulas can be easily added to obtain the final test results. The computations are done based on the formula that is given as input and the results are obtained.
  • Historical chart: historical charts can be used to identify the test results over a period of time.


  • Sending sms containing the test results: Notification must be sent to the patient about the test result. It can be sent via text message, email or through phone call.
  • Reports should be mailed to the lab physician: Complete details from the new order to final test result must be updated to the lab technician. The information related to the tests that are delayed often must be notified to the lab technician.
  • Sms alert: the test progress is notified to the patients via sms alert.


The LMS software of Doccure offers generation of invoice for suppliers, and vendors in a single click.

Delayed tests

This option displays the tests that are usually delayed.

Referral wise income

The top 10 referrals that are provided with the highest income is displayed.

Test-wise analytics

The tests that are booked frequently is displayed.

Patient trends

This feature is used for marketing purpose that helps in identifying the latest trends of the patients.


  • Make use of a digital inventory to update the reports or records so that you can easily retrieve the essential data at any time whenever necessary.
  • Keep track of the stocks like daily use products, place order of unavailable products, and clear the expired products.
  • Keep track of the instruments like pipette, flasks, test tubes and many other. Remove the defective instruments and place the order of required instruments at once thereby reducing the shipping charge.
  • Maintain a database that is convenient for the staff to use. An effective database helps you to purchase the requirements on time and also manages the delivery process. It also maintains the consistency of the up to date inventory reports or records.
  • Maintain an effective setup. Safety is very essential so you must be aware and store the chemicals, flammable solutions, acids, poisons and many other in an appropriate place.