We are considered as one of the leading providers in the online clinic management platform. We can customize the clinical management system according to the needs. Some of the systems that are customized includes scheduling of online appointments, patient care management, eBilling, Accounting, Insurance and secured messaging. Our clinical management system is not only suitable for clinics but also for medical practitioners who operated individually and for any other medical billing companies.

Our professional team consists of sales managers, marketing professionals and software developers who are employed in developing health care related products thereby improving the person’s healthcare experience.

Services offered
  • Appointment reminders
  • Ability to access the clinic from anywhere anytime with the help of internet
  • Obtain hardcopy of the prescription
  • User-friendly system
System features

Electronic medical records

Here, the patient record is digitally recorded to ensure confidentiality of the records. Details such as the investigation, treatment, complaints if any, reminders, diagnosis, follow-ups and any other related details are recorded. Accessing and finding the records is very easy with EMR’s.


There are several insurance schemes corresponding to the services that ensures easy processing. It is also possible to track the claim records and aging reports up-to-date.

Medical billing

The system also has online billing that keeps track of all the payment information corresponding to the diagnosis. Billing is also linked to the insurance module.

Services to all types of doctors and clinics has been provided by our clinical management system. The diagnosis and other procedure details are kept up-to-date.